They make me sick.

Not everyone, mind you, there are some pretty interesting and nice people out there but I see they are getting to be a lot harder to find...

Does everyone just not give a **** about anything anymore? Honestly I hate this culture. If you want friends you'd better keep your mouth shut and don't say a word because something you say will offend someone and we don't want that do we.

At least today looks like it will be nice out. Only it's wasted today because I'm too stressed and nervous about teaching piano today for only the 2nd time... too nervous to really pay attention to or appreciate any nice weather.
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Travis Backyard Shoot April 1st

Today I took Travis out back and shot him.

In the backyard. And I shot him with a camera, not a gun. I wanted to add examples of children portraits to my online portfolio, and have one picture from the shoot, you can check it here:

I'll add more once I edit but in the meantime here's something I did for fun from the shoot:

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 First post. Just seeing how LJ works now coz it's been awhile....

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